Playing Ludo for Real Money

By Faeto
Playing Ludo for Real Money

Ludo is more than a simple board game. It has evolved to include real money stakes. Numerous online casinos offer cash games where you can earn money while having fun.

Guidelines for an Easy Start in Ludo

If you’re new to Ludo, or you’re looking to shift from casual play to real money Ludo, here are some guidelines to help you make a smooth transition. Casinos offer this game with options for playing with real cash. Steps for an easy start:

  1. Select a casino: Look for online casinos that offer Ludo. Make sure they are reputable;
  2. Learn the rules: Ludo is a board game with specific rules. Knowing them well is crucial;
  3. Practice: Many sites allow you to play online Ludo for free before staking real cash. This practice can be helpful;
  4. Set a budget: Always decide on a spending limit to manage your cash effectively;
  5. Enjoy the game: Once you’re familiar with the rules and have a budget, you’re ready to play.

Rules in Ludo Game

Rules in Ludo Game

In the realm of board games, Ludo holds a special place. To play it well, it’s crucial to understand the rules. The aim is to move your game pieces around the board based on dice rolls. Basic rules in brief:

  • Starting turn: The game begins with each player rolling a dice. The highest number goes first.
  • Rolling the dice: On each turn, a player rolls a dice to determine how many spaces to move.
  • Piece movement: You move your pieces based on the dice roll.
  • Completing a lap: A piece must go around the board once before heading to the finish line.

Moving the Game Pieces

Knowing how to move your game pieces is critical for success in any Ludo game. Each dice roll dictates your options for advancing on the board. Detailed steps for moving pieces:

  1. Dice roll: At the beginning of your turn, roll the dice.
  2. Number on the dice: The dice roll will give you a number between 1 and 6;
  3. Initial move: If the dice shows a 6, you can move a piece from the starting area to the first square;
  4. Advance: Use the number on the dice to advance that many squares along your path;
  5. Reaching home: Complete a full circle on the board to move your pieces to the finishing area;
  6. Multiple pieces: You can decide which of your game pieces to move if you have more than one on the board.

Safe Zones on Ludo Board

Safe zones on a Ludo board offer a refuge for your pieces. They are integral to your defensive strategy, keeping your pieces secure from opponents. Key points about safe zones:

  • Definition: These are designated squares where an opponent’s piece cannot capture yours;
  • Marking: In online Ludo board versions, these safe zones are often highlighted or colored differently;
  • Strategic Value: Use these zones to safeguard your pieces, especially when an opponent’s piece is near;
  • Locations: Usually, these are at the corner squares and sometimes midway along each side of the board.

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The Rule of the Sixes

Rolling a six in Ludo has special significance. It not only allows you to bring a new piece onto the board but also grants you an extra roll. Key moments with six:

  • New piece: A roll of six enables you to move a piece from the starting area onto the board;
  • Extra roll: After rolling a six, you are entitled to an additional roll;
  • Choice: You can choose either to move a new piece onto the board or to advance an existing one.

Landing on an Occupied Square

In Ludo, landing on a square already occupied by an opponent’s piece can change the game dynamics. Action when landing on occupied square:

  • Capture: You capture the opponent’s piece and send it back to the starting area;
  • Advance: Your piece takes the occupied square, pushing the other piece off it.

Ending the Game

The ultimate goal in Ludo is to be the first to move all of your pieces to the finish lines. This indicates you have won the game. Steps for game conclusion:

  • All pieces in: Move all four of your pieces into the home column;
  • Finish lines: Ensure each piece crosses the finish lines;
  • Winner: The first to achieve this is the winner.

Play Ludo For Free

Demo versions of Ludo allow you to get familiar with the game’s strategies without the risk of losing money. Benefits of free play in Ludo:

  • Risk-Free: Playing free versions means no money is at stake;
  • Skill Building: Develop your skills before you venture into real money games;
  • Strategies: Try different approaches to see what works best for you;
  • Entertainment: Even without the money factor, the game remains fun to play.

Ludo Casino Apps

Ludo Casino Apps

There are multiple places where you can find casino apps offering Ludo, from app stores to casino websites. Steps to download and benefits:

  • App Store: Visit an app store and search for Ludo Casino;
  • Download: Select an app and click download;
  • Installation: Follow the steps for installation;
  • Money Play: Many apps offer the chance to play Ludo for real money;
  • Bonuses: These apps often have bonuses and rewards for players;
  • Convenience: Play anywhere with the app on your phone.

Popular Payment Methods in Ludo

When playing Ludo for real money, having reliable payment methods is crucial. Popular options include Paytm and Google Pay, known for secure transactions.


Paytm is a widely used payment method for those who play Ludo with real stakes. It offers easy transactions and instant deposits. Benefits of using Paytm:

  • Instant Deposits: Money is transferred to your game account quickly;
  • Security: High-level encryption keeps your transactions safe;
  • Bonuses: Some Ludo casinos offer special bonuses for using Paytm.

Google Pay

Much like Paytm, Google Pay provides a seamless experience for Ludo casino players. Deposits and withdrawals are straightforward. Benefits of Google Pay:

  • Swift transactions: The speed of money transfer is high;
  • Safety: Multiple layers of security features;
  • Bonuses: Just like with Paytm, certain casinos offer bonuses when you use Google Pay.

Final Thought

Ludo has evolved from a simple board game into an online sensation. Multiple avenues are now available for those looking to play. Whether it’s for real money, free demos, or via specialized apps, Ludo continues to offer challenge. Make sure to choose secure payment methods if you opt for cash games. All in all, the Ludo game remains a timeless activity for everyone.