Sic Bo Online Game

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Sic Bo Online Game

Sic Bo is a famous game of chance that has garnered a significant following. As online casinos grow in demand, so does the appeal of playing Sic Bo online.

Main Features of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game rich in features that attract many gamblers. It is essential to understand these elements to make the most of the game:

  • Three dice: One of the defining features of Sic Bo is the use of three dice. These dice are rolled to determine the outcome of each round, adding an element of unpredictability;
  • House edge: Knowing the house advantage is vital. It varies based on the specific bet made. Being informed about this helps you make wise bets;
  • Types of Bets: Sic Bo offers a variety of betting options. However, it’s worth noting that Sic Bo is largely a game of luck. While there’s no surefire strategy to win, knowing the types of bets can give you an advantage;
  • Visual and Audio Elements: To bring an authentic experience to your screen, online Sic Bo games often come with top -quality visuals and sound effects. This amplifies the thrill of the game.

How to Play Sic Bo Casino Game

How to Play Sic Bo Casino Game

Learning to play Sic Bo doesn’t take long. This beginner-friendly guide will help you get started, whether online or at a physical casino.

  • Select a Sic Bo game: Your first task is to select a Sic Bo game, either online or in a physical casino. Many variations exist, so choose wisely;
  • Study the table layout: The Sic Bo table presents several betting choices. Understand these options before starting;
  • Make Bets: Prior to the dice roll, lay your bets on the table. Various bets can be made in one round;
  • Dice Roll: In online settings, press Roll to roll the digital dice. In a real casino, the dealer handles this;
  • Check results: Once the dice have been rolled, the results are revealed. Winnings depend on the bets placed;
  • Collect winnings: If you win, your winning amount will be credited to your account or handed to you by the dealer.

Rules in Sic Bo

Grasping Sic Bo’s rules is vital for effective play. Players bet on the outcome of three rolled dice.

  • Dice roll: Three dice are rolled in each game round. The outcome determines the winners and losers;
  • Bet types: Sic Bo allows for various types of bets. Each bet type has specific odds and payout rates;
  • Winning and losing: After the dice are moved, the flats layout will indicate which bets have won.

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Sic Bo Betting Options

In Sic Bo, the range of stakes you can place is wide. Comprehending each type can improve your possibilities of succeeding:

Bet NamePayoutNature of Bet
Small Bet1:1Total of three dice is between 4-10
Big Bet1:1Total of three dice is between 11-17
Combination Bets5:1Two specific numbers appear
Double Bet5:1Two dice show the same number
Domino Bet10:1Any two specific numbers appear
Total Bet6:1-60:1A specific total score of three dice
Single Number Bet1:1-3:1One specific number shows on one, two, or three dice
Odds1:1Total score of dice is an odd number
Evens1:1Total score of dice is an even number
Any Triple30:1Any three dice show the same number
Triples180:1Three dice show a specific same number
Three-Number Combo (XXY)50:1Two dice show the same number, third shows another
Three-Number Combo (XYZ)30:1Three dice show three different specific numbers
Four-Number Combo7:1Any four numbers appear on the total of three dice

Odds and Probabilities in Sic Bo

Knowing the odds and house edge can guide your betting strategy. The table below lists key data for Sic Bo bets:

Bet NameOddsProbability (%)House Edge (%)
Small Bet1:148.612.78
Big Bet1:148.612.78
Single Number Bet1:1-3:134.727.87
Domino Bet10:17.4111.11 – 33.33
Total Bet6:1-60:11.39 – 11.577.41 – 47.22
Four-Number Combo7:111.1111.11
Combination Bets5:113.8912.43
Double Bet5:113.8916.67
Any Triple30:12.788.33 – 30.56
Three-Number Combo (XYZ)30:12.7813.89
Three-Number Combo (XXY)50:11.3929.17
Triples180:10.4611.57 – 30.09

Best Casino Games Sic Bo

Variety spices up Sic Bo, and casinos offer many game variants. The most notable include Super Sic Bo by Evolution, Ultimate Sic Bo by Ezugi, and Sic Bo by OneTouch. For fans looking to play Sic Bo in different flavors, these games top the list.

Super Sic Bo by Evolution

Super Sic Bo by Evolution is a high-ranking variant of the classic game. Its unique features make it a top pick among casino goers:

  • Multipliers: Adds an exciting twist by offering multipliers up to 1000x;
  • Random shaking: The game uses a mechanical arm to shake the dice, adding authenticity;
  • HD streaming: Provides clear video quality, making it feel like you’re in a real casino.

Super Sic Bo allows for a range of betting options and has an instinctive user interface. With its diverse elements, it stands out as one of the best Sic Bo games to play.

Ultimate Sic Bo by Ezugi

Ultimate Sic Bo by Ezugi adds innovation to the traditional game. It brings special features that captivate players:

  • Bonus Rounds: Offers bonus rounds where you can earn extra winnings;
  • Time-Limited Betting: Introduces urgency with a time-bound betting system;
  • Advanced Interface: Includes an interactive screen with detailed game stats.

The game is designed for players who enjoy a modern touch. Ezugi’s Ultimate Sic Bo is a must-try for those who love fresh takes on classic games.

Sic Bo by OneTouch

Sic Bo by OneTouch is a game that appeals to the modern player. It embraces technology and fresh design to deliver a unique gaming session:

  • Mobile Optimization: Designed to work flawlessly on mobile devices;
  • Quick Play: Allows for rapid rounds, suiting those with limited time;
  • Enhanced Graphics: Comes with sharp visuals and intuitive design.

With features like these, Sic Bo by OneTouch offers something different in the sea of Sic Bo games. It caters to players who seek a fast-paced, visually appealing game.

All these variants have their unique features and merits. Choosing one depends on what elements you find most engaging.

Play Sic Bo with Dealer

Playing Sic Bo with a dealer combines the joy of a live casino with the convenience of playing online. You can bet real money and interact with a dealer, just like in a physical casino. This format is gaining traction for those looking to invest real money in a more immersive Sic Bo online experience:

  • Social Interaction: Interact with the dealer and occasionally with other punters;
  • Realism: Actual dice rolling adds a layer of authenticity;
  • Transparency: See every action of the dealer, ensuring fair play.

When you play Sic Bo for real money with a live dealer, you can enjoy a transparent and social experience that mimics the feel of a real casino.

Top Sic Bo Game Providers

The quality of your Sic Bo game often comes down to who provides it. Some of the industry’s most reliable names ensure punters have a superior gaming adventure.


Evolution stands out as a premier provider of games featuring live dealers. Known for innovative tweaks in classic games, they offer a dynamic Sic Bo game among a host of other popular titles.

Evolution breathes life into traditional games. Alongside Sic Bo, their portfolio includes Lightning Roulette, Crazy Time, and Super Andar Bahar. The result is a broad spectrum of engaging games that keep players coming back. Here are the key factors for choosing Evolution:

  • Live dealer expertise: Specializes in live dealer games, offering a seamless experience;
  • Game variety: An extensive list of other offerings keeps players engaged;
  • Technological advancements: Constant updates ensure the gaming experience stays top-notch.

With Evolution, players get an immersive Sic Bo game backed by technological prowess and a strong portfolio.


Ezugi captures the indie gaming market with its high-quality offerings. Known for their focus on visual elements, Ezugi provides a Sic Bo game that stands apart.

Ezugi’s focus on visual quality is evident in their Sic Bo game. The crisp graphics and smooth user interface add to the player’s overall experience. Unique features Ezugi:

  • Language options: Offers game settings in Hindi and other Indian languages;
  • Visual appeal: Prioritizes high-quality graphics for a superior experience;
  • A popular choice among Indians: their special attention has made them a popular option with players from India.

Ezugi offers a Sic Bo game that combines language options and visual richness, making it a top choice among indie players.


OneTouch is a leading name in RNG-managed gambling, primarily focusing on mobile-optimized games. With Sic Bo included, they offer a well-rounded selection of classic table games.

The emphasis on mobile devices ensures that OneTouch’s Sic Bo game is convenient for players on the go. Key points OneTouch popularity:

  • RNG management: Ensures randomness play in games.
  • Mobile focus: Optimized for mobile devices for easier access.
  • Game variety: Offers a wide array of classic table games besides Sic Bo.

Sic Bo with OneTouch is not just a game based on luck. It’s also tailored to meet current player demands.

Top Sic Bo Casinos

Top Sic Bo Casinos

Picking the best online casino for Sic Bo requires evaluating multiple aspects such as game diversity and safe transaction options. Below are three leading online casinos where you can wager real money on Sic Bo.

Casino Days

Casino Days ranks high for real money Sic Bo gaming. It offers an array of choices and reliable payment options, making it a solid choice for players. Casino Days features:

  • Sic bo variety: Offers 7 different Sic Bo games, including 4 with live dealers;
  • Game portfolio: Provides a whopping total of over 4,000 games;
  • Payment security: Supports safe and secure payment options.

Casino Days brings together variety and security, making it a top choice for Sic Bo enthusiasts.

Lucky Spins

Lucky Spins offers a tailored Sic Bo experience. It excels in providing an optimized mobile site and multiple payment methods. Key points Lucky Spins:

  • Sic Bo versions: Includes 8 different Sic Bo games for variety;
  • Mobile access: Fully optimized for mobile play, with over 4,000 games;
  • Payment flexibility: Accepts Paytm, UPI, gPay, and PhonePe.

Lucky Spins is particularly good for players who prefer mobile gaming and flexible payment methods.

Big Baazi

Big Baazi is another standout choice for online Sic Bo, featuring unique variations like Super Sic Bo and multiple payment options. Unique features Big Baazi:

  • Game Selection: Offers 8 Sic Bo variations, including Super Sic Bo;
  • Diverse Portfolio: Hosts live games, shows, and slots among other offerings;
  • Payment Convenience: Supports Paytm and GPay as deposit methods.

Big Baazi scores high on game variety and payment options, making it an attractive destination for Sic Bo players.

FAQ about Sic Bo

Common questions often arise about Sic Bo. This section aims to clarify them. Topics include the Sic Bo cage and ideal bets for those new to the game.

What is a Sic Bo Cage?

A Sic Bo cage is a tumbler used to shake the dice before they are rolled onto the game table. It’s an essential part of Sic Bo games, ensuring randomness in each roll.

What’s the Best Betting Option for Beginners?

For those new to Sic Bo, beginning with big or small bets is a good idea. These bets are based on the total dice sum being big or small. They are simple to understand and usually have lower house advantages. Thus, they make for a less risky introduction to Sic Bo betting.

What’s Required to Begin Sic Bo?

To play Sic Bo online, a stable internet connection is vital. The next step is to choose a reliable website offering Sic Bo games. Familiarize yourself with the rules, multiple betting options, and prize structures before you initiate the game.

Can Sic Bo Work on My Mobile?

Indeed, a large number of online casinos make Sic Bo games adaptable for mobile use. Some sites provide dedicated apps, while others let you play directly from your web browser. Real money games are also accessible on mobile devices, ensuring you can play Sic Bo casino game anywhere.

Can I Play Sic Bo for Free?

A range of online casinos gives out free Sic Bo games. This is ideal for training and becoming accustomed to how the game operates before wagering actual money. To enjoy Sic Bo at no charge, simply opt for the demo or test setting on the site where the game is available.