Betting on Circular Economy Initiatives Jeetbuzz

By Faeto

Apart from high-quality services, Jeetbuzz is also famous for its circular economy initiatives. Not sure what that is? Don’t worry, in this article we will explore this philosophy and find out how users can participate in eco-friendly games, join the Jeetbuzz affiliated programme and enjoy fun gameplay.

Introduction To The Circular Economy

Circular economy is a philosophy focused on reducing waste and increasing the efficient use of available resources. In the context of online gambling, Jeetbuzz implements this principle by providing users with the opportunity to combine gambling entertainment with a responsible attitude towards the environment.

Let’s take a look at what bets you can place on the Jeetbuzz platform while supporting circular initiatives:

  • Bet on sustainable bonuses. Jeetbuzz is introducing a sustainable bonus system for players who actively support circular economy initiatives. Users can bid by predicting their personal involvement in sustainable practices and deserve corresponding bonuses;
  • Environmentally responsible tournaments. The platform runs themed tournaments where players can bet on teams or members who are actively involved in environmental initiatives. The more a team supports sustainability, the higher the stakes and prizes;
  • Games with an environmental theme. Jeetbuzz offers special games that focus on environmental issues. Players can bet on the outcome of games with a sustainability and responsibility theme;
  • A focus on the use of sustainable technologies. As a participant in initiatives to reduce environmental impact, Jeetbuzz is implementing sustainable technologies on its platform as well. Users can place bets by predicting the success and impact of these technologies on the sustainability of the platform;
  • Green Transaction Bets. As part of the circular economy, Jeetbuzz is introducing betting on the use of eco-friendly payment methods and transactions. Players can bet on which payment methods will be the most popular among users in terms of sustainability.

Jeetbuzz Affiliate Programme: Empowering Users For Sustainable Growth

One of the indicators of Jeetbuzz’s commitment to sustainability is its affiliate programme, which provides users with the opportunity not only to earn additional income but also to actively participate in the platform’s circular economy initiatives.

What Is The Jeetbuzz Affiliate Programme?

Jeetbuzz affiliate programme allows users to invite new players and earn additional income. To qualify for Jeetbuzz affiliate commission, users must actively promote and maintain the engagement of their referred players. Notably, bonus funds are paid out weekly on Wednesdays.

To earn additional income, members must Jeetbuzz affiliate login and bring a minimum of 5 active players to the site, each with a turnover of at least 3,000 BDT. Signing up to the Jeetbuzz affiliate programme is free and does not require any payments, making it accessible to users who want to increase their earnings.

Fee and commission structure

The commission structure of the programme is based on the number of active users referred through the Jeetbuzz affiliate link. 

Keeping these users active is essential to earning higher commissions. The more players users invite, the higher the potential profit from the Jeetbuzz affiliate programme. The commission amount increases as follows:

  • 5 active players: 20%;
  • 10 active players: 25%;
  • 20 active players: 30%;
  • 40 active players: 35%.

It is important to note that the commission percentage is calculated without taking into account the net profit earned by players. The maximum possible weekly commission is 35% provided that all programme conditions are met.

Benefits Of The Jeetbuzz Affiliate Programme

Participating in the Jeetbuzz affiliate programme opens the door to a multitude of benefits, turning the gaming experience into a profitable and sustainable venture for members. Here’s a more detailed overview of the key benefits that make the Jeetbuzz affiliate programme a good solution for affiliates:

  • Weekly Payouts . As a member of the affiliate programme, you get the opportunity to earn Jeetbuzz affiliate commission of up to 35% by successfully attracting new users to the platform. A special feature of this programme is the consistency of rewards: weekly payouts ensure that affiliates receive their well-deserved earnings on a regular basis;
  • 24/7 Support. Jeetbuzz offers 24/7 support, allowing affiliates to receive support from dedicated managers anytime they have questions or concerns. With ongoing support, affiliates feel empowered and valued, creating a collaborative environment for mutual success;
  • Security. Affiliates can rest assured that their personal, contact and banking information left after Jeetbuzz affiliate sign up is securely stored on internal servers, protected from unauthorised access by third parties. This emphasis on security and reliability contributes to a safe and secure partnership with Jeetbuzz;
  • Free registration for the programme. Jeetbuzz is committed to making the path to additional income as accessible as possible. Affiliates can join the programme without any registration fees, removing financial barriers and opening doors to a world of potential earnings;
  • Stability and fairness. The Jeetbuzz affiliate programme operates on the principles of stability and fairness. Affiliates play a crucial role in promoting the Jeetbuzz brand, and in return they receive fair payments for each new player they refer.

In conclusion, we can conclude that the Jeetbuzz affiliate programme offers a comprehensive package of financial rewards, support, security, accessibility and fairness to its ambassadors. By embarking on the path of partnering with Jeetbuzz, affiliates not only help grow the platform but also find themselves in a relationship where their efforts and loyalty are appreciated.