Crazy Time Game Show at Indian Casinos

By Faeto
Crazy Time Game

One of the most thrilling games to play has quickly become the Crazy Time casino game. The first casinos to offer this unusual game, which combines gambling, chance, and extreme energy, are Indian casinos.

How to Play Crazy Time

Crazy Time attracts participants through its captivating layout and variety of rounds. Grasping the subtleties of Crazy Time is vital for those keen to play. Below is a simple guide:

  1. Sign in: Pick an Indian online casino that provides Crazy Time;
  2. Place stakes: Utilize the betting interface to select your stake;
  3. Start the game: Once stakes are in place, the game host turns the money wheel;
  4. Bonus segments: A new round kicks off if the wheel lands on a section with a bonus game.
  5. After each round ends, collect any winnings you have.

Game Rules

Game Rules

The initial move for setting an active wager is to grasp the rules of the Crazy Time game. These regulations are simple and suitable for all types of players. The fundamental rules for this game are as follows:

  • Game host: The individual responsible for wheel spinning and announcing outcomes;
  • Game round: Every spin of the wheel constitutes a single game round;
  • Placing bets: Before each round starts, players are required to place their stakes.

Dealer in Crazy Time Live Game

The game host’s role is key in making Crazy Time a standout live game. Meet the presenters:

  • Game presenter: The individual turning the wheel and delivering updates;
  • Two presenters: Certain games may feature up to two presenters to increase player involvement;
  • Table managers: These pros oversee the Crazy Time table and engage with users.


Earnings in Crazy Time are influenced by the stakes made. Knowing the payout structure aids players in chasing big wins:

  • Starting bet: Wagering can begin at ₹1 and can reach ₹1,00,000;
  • Payout: Number 1 gives 1:1, number 2 provides 2:1, number 5 offers 5:1, and number 10 yields 10:1;
  • Top payout: The maximum allowed payout in the game is ₹5,00,00,000;
  • RTP: The game has a Return to Player of 96.08%.

Crazy Time Bonus Games

The excitement of Crazy Time mainly comes from its bonus games. With four different games to choose from, this part gives a quick preview of each, preparing you for a deeper look later.


Pachinko is another bonus game in Crazy Time that adds a thrill. It showcases a vertical board filled with pegs and a descending puck:

  • Mechanics: To enter Pachinko, you must qualify through the spinning wheel. A board full of pegs appears, and a puck drops from the top. The goal is to predict where the puck will land among several multipliers. The puck’s path is erratic as it bounces off pegs;
  • Returns: Your winnings depend on the puck landing on a favorable multiplier. Multipliers in Pachinko range from 2x to 10,000x, offering many opportunities for large wins;
  • Strategies: While luck dominates Pachinko, some players try to spot patterns to better their odds. Still, the game remains largely random.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt is another Crazy Time bonus game with an engaging design. It mimics a shooting gallery:

  • Game rules: Players face a grid of 108 squares in Cash Hunt. Hidden behind each square is a multiplier. Players aim a cannon to reveal these multipliers by hitting the squares;
  • Winning multipliers: Cash Hunt multipliers range from 1x to 100x. Hitting a square multiplies your bet by the revealed multiplier;
  • Skill element: Cash Hunt is unique in allowing some skill involvement. Good timing and aiming can give you an edge, although luck remains a significant factor.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip brings an element of simplicity to Crazy Time’s bonus features. It pairs the classic coin toss with a casino setting:

  • How it Works: To kick off the Coin Flip bonus, the wheel must stop on the correct segment. A real coin shows up, with one side red and the other blue. A random multiplier is assigned to each side. The game host flips the coin;
  • Payouts: The side that lands face-up determines your winning multiplier. If it’s the side you chose, your bet is multiplied by that amount. Multipliers vary between 2x and 100x;
  • Strategies: Though mainly a luck-based game, timing your bets in Coin Flip can be strategic. Watching previous games may offer some insight.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time stands apart in its array of bonus games. It’s a spectacle of colors, spinning wheels, and, naturally, significant multipliers:

  • Rules: The bonus activates when the wheel stops on the Crazy Time section. A colorful wheel appears, filled with multipliers and specific zones that lead to even bigger multipliers;
  • Unique features: This is where Crazy Time truly excels. With multiple wheels and stacking multipliers, big wins are possible. Multipliers can go as high as 20,000x in this game;
  • Tactics: There’s no sure way to win in Crazy Time. However, good bet management is crucial because of the game’s volatile nature. Lower stakes might be advisable, given the constant allure of going big.

Who is the Provider of Crazy Time?

The creator of the Crazy Time casino game is none other than Evolution Gaming:

  • About Evolution Gaming: Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Evolution Gaming has left a significant mark on the iGaming industry. The company specializes in live game shows, slots, and other casino offerings. They operate over 700 tables and employ nearly 3,000 dealers;
  • Awards: The company has won numerous awards, including EGR B2B Awards, Global Gaming Awards, and SBC Awards. These accolades underline their creative approach to casino game development;
  • About Crazy Time: Launched in July 2020, Crazy Time is an exclusive product of Evolution Gaming. It is their most expensive project to date, taking a full year to develop. The game uses cutting-edge features like random number generators, multipliers, and augmented reality technology. It builds on the popular Dream Catcher money wheel format.

Best Casino Offers Crazy Time

If you’re eager to dive into Crazy Time, choosing the right online casino is crucial. The next section gives details on the top online casino that hosts Crazy Time, ensuring a quality gaming experience for you.

Casino Days

Casino Days is the go-to site for playing Crazy Time in India. Known for live games, Casino Days stands out. It boasts a large selection, providing ample choices for players. Apart from live games, an array of slots is accessible. The main payment method here is Paytm, easing transactions for Indian patrons.

Why choose Casino Days:

  • Broad live game selection;
  • Assorted slots;
  • Favored in India;
  • Easy Paytm payments.


Betway is another option for Indian players keen on Crazy Time. Originally famous for sports betting, its live casino section is gaining traction. This area features a range of games, Crazy Time included. Aside from sports betting, an expansive selection of live game shows exists. Various payment options and withdrawal methods enhance user convenience. Credit cards and e-wallets are among the options. Betway offers a specialized casino app, making mobile play for Crazy Time simpler.

Why choose Betway:

  • Live casino offerings;
  • Varied payment options;
  • Has a casino app.

Big Baazi

Big Baazi is another go-to option for Crazy Time enthusiasts in India. It stands out for its mobile site, which leads in several rankings. The mobile experience at Big Baazi is second to none. The site has been optimized to ensure smooth gameplay, allowing users to enjoy Crazy Time without any hitches. Big Baazi has earned its reputation primarily because of its mobile site’s performance. This makes it a popular choice among those who prefer playing Crazy Time on their phones.

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Why choose Big Baazi:

  • Leading mobile site rankings;
  • Optimized for smooth gameplay;
  • Popular for Crazy Time gaming.

Crazy Time Casino Game App

Crazy Time Casino Game App

Though Crazy Time doesn’t have a separate app, it’s perfectly optimized for mobile gameplay. Here’s how you can enjoy it on your mobile devices.

Crazy Time is not available as a standalone app. However, you can still enjoy it through your favorite online casino app or website. It’s accessible via browsers, providing flexibility to players.

When it comes to mobile gaming, certain names stand out in India. Betway is noted for its app, while Casino Days impresses with its mobile site. Big Baazi is also a leading name, especially when it comes to its mobile site rankings.

How to Download Crazy Time Game

No dedicated app exists for Crazy Time. However, the game is readily available through many online casino apps and websites. To play via an app, find an online casino that features Crazy Time and download their app. Once installed, navigate to Crazy Time and start your game.

If apps aren’t your thing, access Crazy Time via your web browser. Simply go to the online casino’s website and find Crazy Time among their games.

Steps to play Crazy Time:

  1. Choose a mobile online casino;
  2. Install the app or go to the website;
  3. Register or log in;
  4. Find Crazy Time;
  5. Start playing.

Crazy Time Winning Methods

To boost your chances in Crazy Time, understanding the game rules and betting smartly is key. First, get a grasp on the available multipliers, which can significantly increase your earnings.

Don’t focus solely on high multipliers. Bets on smaller numbers like 1 or 2 are also viable since they appear more frequently. Set a gaming budget and stick to it. Proper money management can lengthen your playing time and improve your chances of winning.

Winning tips:

  • Know the multipliers;
  • Diversify your stakes;
  • Budget wisely;
  • Observe previous game outcomes for potential patterns.

Final Thought

In summary, Crazy Time is a distinct option in online gambling. It merges various game features to present a genuine mix of luck and strategy. Thanks for reading this thorough guide on Crazy Time casino games.