Live Dealer Fan Tan

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Live Dealer Fan Tan

Fan Tan Live offers real-time gaming for those seeking an authentic ancient gambling experience. Evolution Gaming and other providers contribute to the high-quality dealer games featured online. Below, this article aims to serve as one of your go-to casino game reviews on this topic.

How to Play in Fan Tan

For those interested in a unique Asian game that blends the strategy of card games with chance, Fan Tan Live has become a staple in online casinos. The game uses specific tools such as a special stick and a metal cup, marking its distinct identity.

In Fan Tan Live, the dealer uses a metal cup to cover beads and then uncovers them for betting. Players place their bets based on how they predict the beads will be divided by the dealer, who uses a special stick for this task. Once the division process is complete, the bets are settled according to the outcomes.

This game is widely accessible and you can find it in various online casinos. It’s a fresh take on classic Asian games, delivered to your screen by Evolution Gaming. Keep this guide as a quick reference while you explore Fan Tan Live in different online settings.

Game Rules in Fan Tan

Game Rules in Fan Tan

Mastering Fan Tan Live involves understanding its unique set of rules. It’s not just a simple game of chance, it’s also a game deeply rooted in Chinese culture, played across various rounds. Here is a compilation of the vital rules in Fan Tan Live:

  • Nature of the game: Fan Tan Live is largely a game of chance. Your winnings are determined by the random division of beads;
  • Cultural background: This Chinese game has garnered international attention and is now part of various online gaming options;
  • Game rounds: Each game session is divided into multiple rounds, allowing for a variety of betting options and increased excitement.

Grasping these rules is crucial for anyone aiming to excel in Fan Tan Live.

Default Bets in Fan Tan

In Fan Tan Live, the variety of bets plays a significant role in keeping the game engaging. Understanding basic betting is extremely important for beginners as it is the best betting option when starting out.

Bet TypeDescription
Single BetBet on a single number of beads remaining after the division
Row BetBet on a row that will contain the last bead
Even/OddBet on either an even or odd final count
Corner BetBet on a corner where the last bead will fall

Each type of bet has its own rules and time for placement, typically before the commencement of the game. This base information aids in making informed decisions during Fan Tan Live sessions.

Advanced Bets in Fan Tan

Advanced bets offer a different layer of complexity and excitement in Fan Tan Live. While not suitable for beginners, these bets can make the game significantly more engaging for those looking for an extra thrill.

Advanced GameDescriptionCost
Double Row BetBet on two adjacent rowsMedium
Multiple BetBet on multiple numbers at onceHigh
Special NumberBet on a specific sequence of numbersHigh
Progressive BetIncrease the bet amount after each lost roundVaries

These advanced bets are a part of the exciting options available in Fan Tan Live, providing more ways to win and elevating the level of gameplay.

Strategy Tips

While Fan Tan Live is primarily a game of chance, incorporating some strategies can certainly help elevate your game. These tips aim to guide players through basic bet types and methods for increasing the odds of winning:

  • Start with basic bets: If you’re new to Fan Tan Live, familiarize yourself with basic bet types. These simpler options offer a lower risk compared to advanced bets;
  • Study the dealer: Observe how the dealer handles the special stick and metal cup. Their movements can sometimes hint at the outcome;
  • Stay calm: Emotions can seriously affect your gameplay. Try to maintain a calm demeanor, especially after a loss;
  • Trial and error: Consider practicing with free versions of the game to understand the mechanics better before betting with real money.

Fan Tan Live offers a blend of luck and skill. Although the game is mostly chance-based, implementing these strategies can improve your gameplay. Remember to always play responsibly.

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Game Statistic

Game Statistic

Statistics are a cornerstone for any table game, including Fan Tan Live. Understanding the trends and detailed statistics of the game can help players make informed bets. This isn’t about predicting the exact outcome, but about noticing patterns that may reappear:

  • Winning percentages: This statistic reveals the percentage of rounds won by players for each bet type. It provides insights into what bet types are currently favorable;
  • Dealer trends: Keeping track of how often a dealer’s actions result in specific outcomes can sometimes offer clues for future bets;
  • Hot and cold numbers: These refer to numbers that appear frequently or infrequently during a set number of rounds. However, remember that Fan Tan Live is a game of chance, and past trends may not always predict future outcomes;
  • Player behavior: Online casinos typically show how players are betting. This can indicate public opinion and possibly reveal smarter bets;
  • Bet range statistics: This shows the spread between the minimum and maximum bets for each type, helping you understand the risk involved in each bet type.

Armed with betting statistics, you can make more informed decisions in Fan Tan Live. Consider how often specific outcomes occur and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Mobile Fan Tan Live

Fan Tan Live is now more accessible than ever, thanks to its optimized mobile version. Let’s delve into its compatibility with iOS and Android devices, minimum deposit requirements, and more:

  • iOS and Android: Evolution’s Fan Tan Live is fully optimized for most mobile devices, making it compatible with both iOS and Android platforms;
  • Screen optimization: The game adjusts itself to fit various screen sizes. This ensures that game views remain interactive;
  • Minimum deposit: Online casinos hosting Fan Tan Live typically have a minimum deposit requirement. Be sure to check this before you start playing on mobile.

The online version of Fan Tan Live allows you to take the game wherever you go. Just ensure you meet the minimum deposit requirements, and you’re good to go.


In closing, Fan Tan Live combines dealer games and entertainment, capturing the attention of both Western and Asian audiences. With a wide range of betting games and special features, it offers a rich experience in online casino games. The game’s global appeal and unique offerings make it a standout choice.