Horse Racing Betting 10cric: Tips For Picking Winners At The Track

By Faeto
Horse Racing Betting 10cric: Tips For Picking Winners At The Track

Cricket is the most popular sport in India, but bettors regularly place bets on other sports at 10cric and other platforms. One such sporting discipline is horse racing. In order for betting on horse racing to be more likely to bring in prize money, bettors need to know what such bets are like and how to place them correctly.

Varieties Of Betting On Horse Races

The most popular in 10cric India and other market platforms is the winner of the contest. In order to win, you have to guess which horse will take the first place. Some platforms refund the stake if the horse comes second or third.

The alternative to this market is a win or a prize. The bettor receives a prize if the horse he bet on is among the winners. It should be taken into account that when making such a bet, the amount of the bet increases by x2 times. This is logical, as the prediction is made for both the victory and the prize position at the same time. It is important that if a horse becomes a prize winner, but does not take the first place, the bettor receives 20% or 25% of the payout. For this reason, it makes sense to place such bets on participants with odds of at least 8.

Another popular market is forecast. The bettor will receive a prize if the horses he has chosen take first and second place. Such a bet can be both accurate, when the user determines the positions of horses, and combined. In the second case it does not matter which of the selected horses will be the winner. However, when placing a combined bet, the bet amount is increased by x2 times. Such bets are optimal if a very small odds of 1.1-1.2 is set on the strongest participant. This market is similar to tricast, which differs in the fact that you have to choose 3 horses.

Head-to-head is an interesting market that requires the user to bet that a certain horse will take a better position than another selected horse. It does not matter which positions the selected contestants take.

General Recommendations

Horse Racing Betting 10cric: Tips For Picking Winners At The Track

Those in 10cric login need to consider the factors that can affect the outcome of a race before placing a bet on a particular event. The most significant factors include the following:

  • Weather conditions;
  • Racecourse Coverage;
  • Experience and masses of racehorses, jockey;
  • Obstacle Size.

Before placing a bet, an assessment of the horse’s current form should be made. If you study, for example, the 10cric review or other platform, it is clear that most of the companies provide access to detailed statistics on horses.

It is important to take into account the odds, the margin set by a particular company. The higher the commission, the less favourable the quotes are for the bettor. It is necessary to place bets with odds that offer an optimal ratio of the chances of winning and the size of the prizes.

Betting Tactics

By entering in the 10cric bonus code or using a promo code from another site, you will be able to start betting after funding your account. When betting on horse racing, you can use various tactics to increase your chances of winning. Learn more about popular strategies below.

Betting Against The Favourite

According to this tactic, bet against all horses whose odds are less than 2. The more horses in the race, the better. It is good if the racetrack has a low quality surface. This increases the chance that strong horses will fall during the race.

Dutchy Schultz’s Tactics

Using this strategy, the bettor should choose a race where there is no favourite and the odds on horses winning are close to 4. It is necessary to bet on 3-5 horses with good chances to win, but not on the main contender. The amount of money to be bet on an individual contestant is calculated as follows:

  • The sum of probabilities is determined. For this purpose, the parts of the unit and the coefficient on the winning of each of the selected horses are found. After that the parts are summed up.
  • The bankroll is divided by the sum of the probabilities.
  • It is the quotient of the result obtained above and the odds of the contestant winning.

It only takes 1 winning bet to get the winnings.

For example, an Indian bettor, having 1000 INR, has chosen racers with odds of 3.5, 4, 4.5. In this case, the sum of probabilities will be equal to 0.76. Divide 1000 by 0.76 to get 1316. So, you should bet 329 INR on the horse with odds of 4. If the bet wins, the bettor is guaranteed to recoup all costs.


Those in 10 cric login or authorised on a similar platform can use one of the simplest strategies. According to it, you need to find races at 3 different racetracks. In each of them it is necessary to determine the strongest participant. After that, the bets on the selected horses are combined into one, called Trixie. In other words, the bettor makes 3 double expresses and 1 triple. The odds on the victory of any of the horses must be at least 2.

Follow The Money

The essence of the strategy is to find weak participants, on which actively make bets. In such cases, the quotes for the victory of outsiders begin to decrease. The odds on the favourites do not change. Having identified the outsiders, you need to choose one of them and evaluate his form. If it is obvious that the horse has all chances to win, it is necessary to place a bet on him. It is necessary to bet on the victory or the prize.

“Start Of The Day” Tactic

Horse racing is characterised by one interesting feature. The point is that young horses participate in the competitions, which take place at the beginning of the day. Among them there are strong horses, which often justify the expectations of analysts. Quotes on the winnings of such participants can exceed 2.

Using various tactics and following general guidelines, users from India can consistently earn prizes for placing winning bets on horse racing. In case you want to take a break from sports betting, you can always visit 10cric casino or another gaming site.